Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Technique for Beaded Moon Card

Beaded Moon
by Sue Lorang (Sue4stampin)

Stamps: Trees by Northwoods (or any tree stamp will work) & Mirror Image by Rubber Stampede (if you are using a multiple treed stamp)
Black or Dark Blue Embossing Ink
Cobalt Blue Opaque Embossing Powder by Stampendous (you can use any dk. Blue or black). Mix with glitter.
Fine dark Blue (or black glitter), use 1/4 glitter with 3/4 embossing powder.
Dark Blue or Black Dye Ink Pad
Cardstock: Dk Blue or Black 4 1/4 X 5 1/2 & Pearle Blue 4 X 5 ¼ (any dark blue will work, but all papers bleach out different so bleach a small area on the back first).
Fun Foam (it needs to be thin enough to fit in your punch).
Circle Punch (I used a Marvy 2” ) (Note: be sure to spray your punch with silicone & punch off the residue first)
Double Sticky Tape, Paper Backed ( It has to be the paper backed to work in your punch)
Glass Micro Beads in Clear
Poster Tape (or what ever you use to stick unmounteds on your acrylic block)
Vinegar (mixed 1/2 and 1/2 with water)
Bowl & Paper towel for the bleach
Paint brush

1. Punch a circle from Fun Foam and attach it to an acrylic block to stamp with.
2. Pour bleach on a paper towel in a flat container and make sure the BLEACH is FRESH.

3. Put the fun foam circle gently onto the bleach paper towel (you don’t want it dripping) and stamp on your blue paper where you want your moon to be. Take a paint brush (or water brush) with bleach in it and wipe it across the bottom of the blue paper to bleach some of the ground. Set aside for the bleach to work.

4. Wipe your bleached areas with a mixture of 1/2 vinegar & 1/2 water to neutralize the bleach on your card, pat with paper towel and set aside to dry.

5. Stamp & emboss the trees with the embossing powder mixed with fine glitter

6. Cover your embossed trees with scrap paper then stamp with dye ink onto the mirror image stamp and stamp this below the trees (you could use Eclipse tape or plumbers gasket material from the hardware store). Be sure your trees are pointed down this time as a reflection. ( I wiped the lines off the Northwoods stamp for this step)

7. Punch a circle from the double sticky tape. Peel the backing off and stick it on your moon. Peel the top paper off and dunk it in your clear beads. Use an old brayer to push the beads into the tape.
8. Layer onto the darker blue (or black) and mount onto an A2 card


Heather said...

Pretty card!

Melissa M. M. M. said...

Unbelievably gorgeous card and great technique! Thanks for sharing all of your tricks, :0) Mel

Daria said...

This is incredibly beautiful. Thank you for explaining how you made it.